They say once you burn a Candleberry Candle you are hooked for life because they are potent scented candles that actually smell extremely strong and stay that way through the entire burn of the candle. From the Candleberry® Candle brand, you will find that all of our scented candles are some of the most fragrant and strongest smelling candles in the world. All of our candles have been tested with the most scrutinizing senses in mind, offering the best of long lasting, high home fragrance to online shoppers. If the candle isn’t very aromatic or doesn’t prove to be highly scented, we don’t do it. Candleberry’s® super-power candles will scent from 1,000-4,000 square feet of a home.

Candleberry produces the longest-lasting and strongest-smelling candles on the market. Year after year, the Candleberry team has poured their passion into candle making, perfecting the ratio of carefully balanced ingredients that gives Candleberry candles their powerful scent. Lighting a Candleberry candle is like opening a window to a happier, easier time

Strongest Scents

To give customers better, more memorable, stronger scents than competitors, the Candleberry team is committed to continually improving its methods and ingredients. Our scents can fill a room and flood an entire home


Candleberry strives to create scents that are traditional, classic, familiar and evocative of a simpler, happier time. Because scent is so closely tied to memory, Candleberry’s fragrance innovations always keep customers’ emotions in mind.


Candleberry is passionate about the art of candle making. To give customers the best products at the best price, we use the highest quality ingredients, test and experiment rigorously, and pour our passion into every candle.