Coconut Island Big candle, Cookie Jar Highly scented candle, powerful and long lasting. Hand poured and made in the USA.

Coconut Island 160 Oz Cookie Jar candle

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Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, Key Largo and Montego, as the song says, that’s where we want to go. We have searched for this perfect fragrance of the islands for many years and finally found it. It’s that of an abundantly filled island of coconuts, the beach sprinkled with guests from far and wide, each glowing with the fragrance of exotic tanning oils. Caribbean drums tink your favorite tune at the tiki bar. The ocean trade winds bring with them the fragrance of the tropics, botanical land, and salty sea. Sit back, sink your toes into the warm white sand and enjoy this perfect day on Coconut Island.

Burn Time: 140-160 hours

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