Wholesale Application Form

Apply to be a wholesale scented candles buyer from The Candleberry Company OR simply view our catalog (pricing not included without approval). Click here for our Wholesale Application.

For Approval

You must have a physical location and a resale tax id number in order to purchase wholesale.

To become a wholesale buyer, first obtain a wholesale application. You can download a wholesale application by clicking on the wholesale application link above (it may take a few seconds to download), or you can request an application by calling or e-mailing us at the following contacts. View Candleberry catalog without pricing.

Fill out (and be sure to sign) the application and mail or fax it back to one of the following contacts:

The Candleberry Company®
120 Corporate Drive
Frankfort, KY 40601
Email: info@candleberry.com
Call: 502-223-2799
Fax : 502-223-2798

We will then evaluate your application, checking to make sure you have a valid sales tax number and storefront, and making sure you are not too close to other current Candleberry wholesale customers.

Order minimums and wholesale prices will be discussed after you have been approved as a wholesale customer.